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SEO: Search Engine Optimization
Our task is to increase the number of visits to your website to generate new business opportunities.
Posicionamiento en los Motores de Búsqueda
To be successful in positioning your website we base our work on Google for SEO algorithm called PageRank. The PageRank of a web page assigned values ranging from 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest. That is our goal. The higher the PageRank of a web page will perform better SEO. PageRank depends crucially on the Relevance of phrase and incoming links from pages with high PageRank to your website. For a good relevance.

Also look at your website and determine the adjustments you need to do SEO the different variables during runtime (phrase, Meta Tags, Content, inbound links, etc..) And this will result in an increase in position Google and PageRank increased its website.

Methodology to optimize your website in search engines:

  • Consulting Internet for business and key phrases relevant business themes. Information provided by the customer.
  • Sort all the key phrases relevant to the issues and do business for usage metrics and search results.
  • Create a Meta Tag for each selected key words for each topic. The key phrase will be selected in the title, description and keywords Meta Tag.
  • Write the phrase in content (copy) of the page to optimize.
  • Create a list of inbound links to pages with high PageRank.
  • Define the optimization variables: number of pages and key phrases to optimize. Number of inbound links to buy.
  • Run the search engine optimization by editing the contents of the client’s website.
  • Review monthly and make adjustments to optimize the key phrases, meta tags, content, inbound links.
  • Tell the customer’s monthly report search results on Google and Google Analytics.